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The Home Design-Build Process

Organizing the many details of designing and building a new custom home can be seen as a very stressful and life changing event for a homeowner. It seems so overwhelming; the question becomes where do we begin? Stafford Construction Company can be of assistance. Stafford Construction has built many custom homes and has developed an unbeatable process to help the homeowner create and prepare every detail for the construction of their new home. Stafford Construction Company™ design and build journey dubbed The Process takes all the stress out of constructing a new home, allowing it to be a fun and exciting time. The end result is a home of which the client and the builder can be proud. Here are the various steps of this perfected method for the homeowner.
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01. Choosing Stafford Construction as your Custom Builder

Prospective clients may discover the company through a referral, local real estate agent, internet search, or visiting one of the many custom and speculative construction projects Stafford Construction Company has at any one time. The client can be connected to Dwayne Stafford, by a phone call or through the website to begin discussions about their new dream home. The client will arrange to meet Dwayne at a completed new home to scrutinize the design, construction, quality, and detail of one of the builders home projects. This tour will also help the client to see a home similar in scope to their particular project. The homeowner can view the finishes and allowances they can expect to receive in their custom built home. At this point the client can weigh the important decision of choosing Stafford Construction Company as their custom home building partner.
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02. Lot and Plan Selection

Some clients will approach the builder with a plan previously selected and a property they already own or wish to own. If this is the case, the process can go immediately to the cost estimation step. However, many clients arrive with only preliminary ideas for a plan and a desired building location. Stafford Construction Company can greatly assist the homeowner with this situation. Stafford Construction has built homes in the piedmont triad area since 2002, and both managing partners have lived in the region their entire lives. Therefore, they have a wealth of knowledge to offer with desirable locations or neighborhoods the new client can choose from for their new home. Also, the organization has a library containing dozens of home plans for which they own the rights to construct and have built before. Stafford Construction is cognizant of plans that are well designed and are cost effective. If one of these plans does not meet the clients needs, the company has access to many internet resources or draftsman the client can contact to have individualized plans drawn. During this process, Stafford Construction Company will help guide the client toward a plan, including property, which will meet their rough budget. If a plan is selected from the internet or from the company’s library, Stafford Construction can also make minor alterations to satisfy the clients exact wants and needs. Once a plan and lot are chosen, it is time to begin the next step.
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03. Cost Estimation and Specifications

For some people deciding on a plan and lot is easy, but for others it takes time. Either way Stafford Construction will not move forward until they feel the client is completely satisfied with the design of their project. Once this is achieved, the builder will sit down and get a list of all the desires the client has for exterior materials, finishes, cabinetry, lighting, appliances, millwork, etc. Simultaneously, Stafford Construction will formulate their estimation of the construction cost and produce a detailed set of specifications which lists everything provided to the client. This list will leave no doubt by both parties what the builder will provide and allowances the client will have to choose from. Once the new client is happy with the job costing and the specifications provided for the home, they move on to the contract phase.
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04. Contract

At this point the agreed on cost estimation becomes a turnkey price for the home. The price will only change during construction if the client decides to add or delete from the scope of work. Stafford Construction Company will then provide a formal contract to the client for signatures by both parties. This document is a non biased AIA residential contract drawn up by the American Institute of Architects. The contract will state the price and time frame for construction; it will reference the agreed on plan and specifications. Once the contract is signed and financing is set in place, the construction can begin. Also, if the homeowner needs help setting up financing, Stafford Construction has a wealth of resources and partners that can provide construction and final financing for the client. Now begins the exciting part of the process.
2023 Milburn Front Exterior
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05. Construction and Selections

With all of the above completed, Stafford Construction will immediately begin construction of the home to ensure that it is finished in the agreed upon time frame. One of the managing partners or staff will be on the job every day to monitor schedule, installation, quality of construction, make sure the specifications are followed, and selections integrated into the home. Stafford Construction will also be available anytime the client feels they need to call or meet about the project. Stafford Construction will advise the client in a timely manner of the selections that need to be made and the vendors with which to meet. This is probably the most streamlined part of the process. Stafford Construction Company has taken the initiative to partner with competent subcontractors and vendors whom they have long time relationships. This ensures the client will receive the utmost care and attention to the details of their home by Stafford Construction and their partners. The builder has narrowed the process to a manageable number of meetings between the client and vendors. This makes building fun and stress free for the homeowner. The client will first meet with Stafford Construction to receive possible selections for the exterior of their home. Stafford Construction will provide samples for brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, colors, and any other selections to be made for the exterior of the home. From there the client will be asked to set up a series of meetings with vendors to choose the interior finishes.

First, the client will meet with the cabinet designer. The client may choose all the colors and features of the cabinetry. With a 3-dimensional rendering of the cabinets, the homeowner will be able to decide on the cabinetry before it is ordered. Next, the client will meet with the plumbing supplier for fixture selection. The clients favorite part is meeting with the decorator. This meeting really does make building simple. At one place the client will be able to select counter top colors, paint colors, ceramic tile, stain, carpet, and any other flooring selections. By making choices at one place with the assistance of a decorator, the client will be able to see how the colors and materials of all their finishes coordinate. This eliminates the old tiresome process of meeting with a tile supplier, painter, carpet supplier, countertop fabricator, and other interior selections in multiple meetings and then wondering whether everything will match once in the home. Next, the homeowner will move on to choosing light fixtures. This now completes the selection of interior finishes for the new home.

There will be a few other meetings with Stafford Construction staff along the way. One will be the framing and electrical walk through to determine if any changes to the structure need to be made and lay out all the electrical, lighting, alarms, and any audio video requirements. Once the exterior is complete, the client will meet with the landscaper to design and sculpt the landscaping for the home. That is it. When construction is complete, Stafford Construction will run a final punch list. Then the homeowner will be given the opportunity to walk through with the builder to make their punch list and ask any questions. This list will immediately be addressed to the clients satisfaction. Now the homeowner can close and move into their brand new Stafford Construction home. This concludes what is called The Process. We have many satisfied clients who have enjoyed this journey and found it to be completely stressed free, fun, and exciting!

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06. Life after Construction

Stafford Construction Company prides itself on making the company available to clients after they move into their new home. They will be there to answer questions or take care of any warranty issues that may arise. How long does this period last? Stafford Construction hopes for many years to come. Stafford Construction continues the established relationship after the project is complete whether it was custom built or a speculative home. They are always a phone call away to answer any questions, give a reference, make future changes, or hopefully build the clients next dream home if need be!

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